RNC hypocrisy and “Obama’s Nazi national ID card”

Posted on January 23, 2011


Just in case you were operating under some wild delusional fantasy that the shootings in Tucson earlier this month have elicited the dawning of a new day of non-partisan peace and fellowship in Washington and an end to pointless, asinine “us versus them” political puppet theatre, there’s a new effort by Republicans to jolt you right back to ugly reality.

The RNC, under auspices of just one of its many blog and citizen-action vehicles, conservativeactionalertsupdates.com, is urging “All American Patriots to rise up and rage against the REAL I.D. Act” that is scheduled to take effect in May. This latest conservative action alert prompts “all real Americans” to contact their representatives in Congress to immediately kill this act, which is described as “the mandatory implementation of a REAL Nazi/Communist-style National Identification Card.”

The “alert” comes in the form of an oh-so official-looking and fear-mongering e-mail memorandum as follows:

Warning to an American Patriot:

Shortly, all 50 States, under the directive of the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security, will be required to federalize their driver’s licenses, effectively converting what was a uniquely, “local” state drivers’ license into what amounts to a “National ID Card” – or, as some opponents to the concept during the Clinton years called it, “a United States Internal Passport.”

REAL I.D. was enacted to make it more difficult for people who are not citizens, to secure a state-issued driver’s license. The law takes effect in May, 2011. At that time, every States will be required to create a drivers’ license that conforms to new federal “standards.”

In short: REAL I.D. allows the government to convert your state issued drivers’ license into a REAL Nazi/Communist-style National Identification Card, with all the scary attributes of an Internal Passport like people in Nazi/Communist-Europe were required to carry.

When did that happen here? It happened in 2005, when you were more concerned about terrorists than civil liberties. Congress passed the Real ID Act on May 11, 2005, which created new bio-metric national standards for state-issued drivers’ licenses. The new law also requires those who do not drive to have a state-issued “non-driver” ID card.

Not just the federal government, but states will be able to quickly (at a moment’s notice!) share 18 different points of private information about you, personally. And we must stop this STEALING of our personal identity. Will you help us by faxing every single Member of the U. S. Congress to STOP this personal invasion of your privacy? YES, IDENTITY THEFT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED TO YOU—THANKS TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

Please FAX every Member of Congress to tell them to REPEAL, RESCIND, or CUT THE FUNDING to implement REAL I.D. This is so important that, if we lose this one, personal liberty in the United States will have been lost, perhaps permanently! And, please, give the best GIFT that you can to the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) as we fight against this government intrusion into every aspect of our daily lives. It will be an expensive fight. But what is at stake is our individual LIBERTY.

This legislation needs to be repealed and/or, under the Unfunded Mandates Act of 1994, the ability of the federal government to enforce it must be eliminated. There is no time to waste!

Obviously, such a despicable, irrational and totalitarian requirement by the Obama administration is an attempt to regulate and control American citizens by forcing them to carry a national identification card instead of a state-issued driver license. But there’s just one little problem.

The “REAL I.D. Act” — as admitted within the “alert” – was enacted on May 11, 2005 by a Republican-controlled Senate and a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and signed into law by Republican President George W. Bush.

Which begs the question: How is this Obama’s fault or a product of the Obama administration?

Click HERE to see the detailed report on the REAL I.D. Act from the Department of Homeland Security website.

Apparently, the RNC”s “clear, sensible leadership” includes blaming the current administration for a law that it’s own party drafted, approved and enacted, that just happens to take effect during a Democrat-lead Congress. The e-mail refers to “Obama’s REAL I.D. Act” as “a rehash of the 1993 Clinton National ID Card” and cites all sorts of First Amendment and civil liberties violations that Obama is committing to rob you of more of your personal freedoms. It even goes so far as to instruct “true, America-loving patriots” to “not let Obama and the Democrats get away with this!”

As you assess the sheer hypocrisy of this “alert,” let’s skip for a moment the following facts:

  • The Real I.D. Act was buried within the pages of House Resolution 1268, the “Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief Act” sponsored by California Republican Representative Jerry Lewis, with no co-sponsors. See the proposal HERE.
  • The Real ID Act was stuffed into the $11 Billion unfunded mandate for the supplemental appropriations bill for Hurricane Katrina and the troops in Iraq, with no option for full disclosure or examination or debate of the bill, and no opportunity for Congress to propose any alternatives.
  • The bill was forced through by Republicans with a mandatory action deadline of 24 hours.
  • The 23 Democrats who voted against HR1268 were branded by Republicans at that time as “traitors” and “naive, America-hating oppositionists trying to dilute America’s priorities with pointless political theatre.”

One can only assume that all the anti-Obama and anti-Democrat hate rhetoric is intended to help gullible partisan parrots to overlook or ignore the part of the e-mail’s own second paragraph which admits the act was created in 2005, more than a year before Barack Obama even began campaigning for his seat in the U.S. Senate. But hey, if you can blame the man and his party for Nazi crimes against “real Americans,” why let the core facts of the legislation’s origins and creators get in the way?

So, despite all the happy-happy, joy-joy rhetorical excrement that has been spoon-fed to you over the past couple of weeks, the truth is that the lies, deceit, baseless finger-pointing, and hate-mongering hypocrisy continues not only unabated, but into overdrive within the RNC’s “clear, sensible leadership.”

Dance puppets. Dance.