They took your house, now they’re after your insurance money

Posted on January 19, 2011


Medical Bills Leading Cause of Bankruptcy, Harvard Study Finds

It isn’t enough that intentionally unregulated and fraudulent corporate bankers bankrupted millions of taxpayers through mortgage bloat. Now they want to do the same through the forced failure of your health insurance.

After this, they’re going to try to do exactly the same thing if they get to privatize Social Security.

Keep voting for politicians who have no allegiance to you, but only to the corporate whore-masters who bought their election and control every decision those politicians make.  Keep believing campaign promises and ignoring what these charlatans actually *DO* in office.  Keep parroting the ridiculous and irrelevant rhetoric and trumped-up social issues and ignoring the political, economical and ethical cancer that’s rotting this country from within.

When you wake up one morning with no home, no job, no savings and no prospects, you can thank the corporate-owned Washington swine who took them from you … with your permission.