Far be it from me to say “I told you so”

Posted on December 7, 2010


Here’s a little tidbit that I’m pretty sure you won’t find in any Fox News broadcast.

Remember earlier this summer and fall when all you hard from the various TEA Party candidates – of all degrees of intelligence and credibility – was that they were, collectively and individually, all about cutting government spending, and that they were going to “take this country back from the big spenders”?

Well, imagine my utter lack of shock or surprise to find that, with less than two weeks in the door, the members of the TEA Party Caucus, collectively and individually, have requested MORE THAN ONE BILLION DOLLARS in pork projects.

Rather than interpret and risk being accused of editorializing or misrepresenting the massive amount of pork that the “spending cutters” have requested, I’ll just list it here, directly from the report produced by the Citizens Against Government Waste:

NAME                EARMARKS        AMOUNT
Aderholt (R-AL)        69        $78,263,000
Akin (R-MO)             9        $14,709,000
Alexander (R-LA)       41        $65,395,000
Barton (R-TX)          14        $12,269,400
Bartlett (R-MD)        19        $43,060,650
Bilirakis (R-FL)       14        $13,600,000
R. Bishop (R-UT)       47        $93,980,000
Burgess (R-TX)         15        $15,804,400
Carter (R-TX)          26        $42,232,000
Coble (R-NC)           19        $18,755,000
Crenshaw (R-FL)        37        $54,424,000
Culberson (R-TX)       22        $33,792,000
Fleming (R-LA)         10        $31,489,000
Franks (R-AZ)           8        $14,300,000
Gingrey (R-GA)         19        $16,100,000
Gohmert (R-TX)         15         $7,099,000
S. Graves (R-MO)       11         $8,331,000
R. Hall (R-TX)         16        $12,232,000
Harper (R-MS)          25        $80,402,000
Herger (R-CA)           5         $5,946,000
Hoekstra (R-MI)         9         $6,392,000
Jenkins (R-KS)         12        $24,628,000
S. King (R-IA)         13         $6,650,000
Lamborn (R-CO)          6        $16,020,000
Gary Miller (R-CA)     15        $19,627,500
Jerry Moran (R-KS)     22        $19,400,000
Poe (R-TX)             12         $7,913,000
Rehberg (R-MT)         88       $100,514,200
Royce (R-CA)            7         $6,545,000
Scalise (R-LA)         20        $17,388,000
Adrian Smith (R-NE)     1           $350,000
L. Smith (R-TX)        18        $14,078,000
Stearns (R-FL)         17        $15,472,000
Tiahrt (R-KS)          39        $63,400,000
Wamp (R-TN)            14        $34,544,000
Wilson (R-SC)          15        $23,334,000
TOTAL                 764     $1,049,783,150
TOTAL                 764                  $1,049,783,150

But, then again, what can you expect from these fledgling Congressmen and Congresswomen.  The most pork-laden among them is Utah Republican Denny Rehberg, who requested a total of $100.5 Million in personal pork.  So he’s just trying to align with the high moral and fiscally responsible example set forth for him by one of his more veteran leaders, Arizona’s own John Kyl, who while vehemently stamping his feet and decrying the “waste in Washington” was personally requesting more than TWO HUNDRED MILLION in pork of his own.

When founding the caucus in July, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said she was “giving voice to Americans who were sick of government overspending.”

Apparently, the never-at-a-loss-for-glib-misinformation Bachmann meant Americans who were sick of Democrat overspending. If it’s Republican overspending, it must be okay, right Michelle?

Congratulations to all you “real Americans” who – in your haste to elect anything that wasn’t a Democrat – voted in this latest batch of lying, thieving, self-serving political swine, and fooled yourselves into believing they’d be in any way different from the last batch of lying, thieving, self-serving political swine.

I told you so.