Sarah Palin’s “America by Heart” — Consistent in her hypocrisy

Posted on November 22, 2010


One thing you have to say about Sarah Palin – whether you love her or hate her – she’s consistent … consistently hypocritical, full of sh*t and self-contradictory.

Take, for example, the following nuggets I gleaned from an online advance sampling of Bailin’ Palin’s latest ghost-written flurry of two-facedness:

1. All reality-show participants are “talentless wannabes” … except her daughter … or herself

Palin loathes the “talentless wannabes on reality TV shows because that’s all that all of them are.” Palin uses “American Idol” contestants as her example, whom she says are “talentless hacks who are deluded enough to get up in front of a national television audience and screech out a song.”

“These people,” says the queen of gotcha media victimization, “are desperate and sad attention hounds who are willing to embarrass themselves on national television in the hopes of winning money.”

Dancing, however, is a moose in an entirely different rifle sight. Palin loves that her daughter Bristol “decided to challenge herself in a new, fun way” on “Dancing With the Stars” and believes that expressing oneself through dance is “a beautiful display of ambition and character.”

Palin then had to scamper off quickly to cash her salary paycheck from her own reality-TV show, “Sarah Palin’s ‘Look at me! Look at me! Desperate and Sad Talentless Wannabe Variety Hour.”

Things that make ya go, “Aaarrrrgh!”

2. JFK couldn’t hold a candle to Mitt Romney

Palin says that John F. Kennedy is no comparison to Mitt Romney in terms of quality of leadership, charisma, intelligence and integrity. She particularly highlights JFK’s famous 1960 campaign speech on religion, in which he said, “I am not the Catholic candidate for president,” but “the Democratic Party’s candidate for president, who happens also to be a Catholic.” Palin beefs at this, claiming that Kennedy “essentially declared religion to be such a private matter that it was irrelevant to the kind of country we are.”

Palin praises Romney for not “doing a JFK” in a 2008 campaign speech in which 11 minutes focused on his being a Mormon.

3. American Beauty is bad; Juno is good

The former half-governer trashes the movie American Beauty for idolizing apathy, but praises Juno’s pro-life message as “being quintessentially American.”  (I have to wonder if that’s the same intellect through which George W. Bush declared that a single mother working three jobs was “uniquely American.”) Palin said, “A European movie might have had Juno get her abortion in the opening scene, and then spend the next hour and fifteen minutes smoking cigarettes and pondering the meaning of life …  Not here. Americans want to be entertained, but we also want to see people do the right thing, even when it’s hard … as God demands.”

4. The Obamas are not sufficiently patriotic … and their church attendance proves it

Palin questions the President’s and First Lady’s dedication to and love of America, zeroing in — yet again — on Michelle Obama’s 2008 comment about being proud of the nation “for the first time in my adult life” (for the braindead, comatose or subterranean dwellers who missed it the first gazillion times it was distorted on Fox News). “It’s a remark which really shouldn’t surprise us,” says Palin, “given the time the First Couple spent in the pews of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church.” (You know, that angry Christian church … in Chicago … where Obama got all his Muslim training … in Kenya).

So, Palin drops a rambling, inspecific accusation and backs it up with “SEE?!! It’s true because they don’t go to the same church you do!”

For lack of any actual substance, Palin delivers, as always, a string of two-dimensional platitudes and bumper sticker slogans that appeal directly to her army of Palindrones who believe that anyone who doesn’t share Palin’s tunnel-vision of America simply aren’t American, or at least not American enough.

When the @&(*#$ is this woman’s 15 minutes going to be up?