Senators award themselves a death bonus while working to reinstate the Death Tax

Posted on October 17, 2010


Here’s a nice little tidbit you won’t find on the campaign commercials or websites of any incumbents trying to keep their seats in Congress.

On the last day of this Congressional session, as the incumbents slithered away to beg for their jobs – The U.S. Senate voted UNANIMOUSLY IN FAVOR of paying Senator Robert Byrd’s family a $193,400 Death Bonus!  Meanwhile, the Republican Senate Whip – prattling on incessantly about “bi-partisan tax reform” – has been lobbying to not only revive the Death Tax that was eliminated in January of this year, but he wants to make it PERMANENT – and at a top rate of THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT.

These self-serving, two-faced, self-righteous bastards!

In 2001, George W. Bush signed the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA), which reduced the estate tax from 55% in 2001 to 45% in 2009 and totally repealed the estate tax on January 1, 2010.  However, due to the intentionally bloated, contradictory and obtuse Senate budget rules, the EGTRRA tax repeal is not permanent.  The death tax, under the guidance of those same Senators who keep clamouring about tax relief, is due to rise from the dead in less than three months.  Consequently, if these thieving hypocrites have their way, the death tax will return with a top rate of 55% unless Congress acts to stop it.

Please, make no mistake about it: Byrd’s death bonus was no charitable act of good will.  It was a blatant display of Washington cronyism and utter hypocrisy by the DC elite at it’s worst.  You pay death taxes to finance their death bonuses.  What’s wrong with this picture?  By the way, the death bonus *YOU* receive through Social Security is a whopping $255.00, slightly more than ONE PERCENT OF WHAT THEY AWARD THEMSELVES. Oh, and of course, this 200 grand is over an above all other benefits, insurance and entitlements that Congress has decided they’re entitled to.

Senator Byrd was a member of Congress for FIFTY TWO YEARS. Just how financially hard up do you think his family was? Enough that they NEED an extra 200 grand in their pocket?

And while every single candidate for the November elections has been babbling non-stop about “cutting spending,” not one Senator took a thin dime out of his or her pocket to fund Byrd’s death bonus. THEY TOOK IT OUT OF OURS!

The Death Tax hurts small businesses, kills jobs and destroys family farms. Essentially, the Death Tax punishes precisely the kind of behavior society should want to reward – hard work, good sense, savings – and it rewards behavior that should be discouraged – extravagance, over-consumption and leisure.

The easiest way to avoid all death taxes is to spend your money before you go. But work hard, reinvest your earnings and leave your life’s savings to your loved ones and the IRS becomes one of your heirs. Death should be no reason to let Uncle Sam raid and then re-raid anyone’s bank account. Death should not be a taxable event. And remember, all that money you saved was after taxes had already been taken out of it. It’s YOUR NET SAVINGS. But with the revival of the death tax, the government gets to steal ANOTHER 35 PERCENT of your after-tax savings, while Congressional death bonuses are not only tax-free, but are paid for WITY YOUR MONEY.

Can you believe the audacity of our “trusted representatives in Washington? While they are planning to resurrect the Death Tax in the name of “tax reform,” they rushed through a taxpayer-financed death bonus for Byrd’s family on a must-pass Senate appropriations bill. The appropriations provision awarded Byrd’s children and grown grandchildren equal shares of the late senator’s $193,400 salary that he would have been paid next year if he had lived.  You read that right. The $193,400 bonus is money he WOULD HAVE been paid if he’d lived to serve. It’s NOT money he already earned.  When you quit a job, do they keep paying you after you’re gone?  If you die, does your employer keep funneling direct deposits into your account?  If so, you’re a Senator and probably aren’t reading this anyway.

As it turns out, this is a standard form of mutual back scratching long practiced by the sententious upper body. The families of dead senators receive death benefits at taxpayers’ expense while regular families pay death taxes to help pay for bloated government. No wonder grassroots America is up in arms prepared to throw all the incumbents out in November.

The Wall Street Journal reported some even less publicized news in July: The minimum worth of an estate that can be hit by the death tax is shrinking from 3.5 million down to 1 million. This is an 800 PERCENT INCREASE in the number of families that will be hit with a death tax than there are now. But, of course, the death tax isn’t levied on members of Congress.

Plain and simple, death shouldn’t be a taxable event for anyone. The Congress must see to it that the estate tax dies a deserved death and is buried permanently.

But I know what some of you are thinking: This is irrelevant because you think Republicans are going to retake control in November.  Trust me, swinging the political pendulum back to the right isn’t the end of the Congressional gravy train.

In a Wall Street Journal article last Thursday, Senate Republican Whip John Kyl (John McCain’s equally useless and corrupt colleague from Arizona) along with Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln called for bi-partisan “tax reform” in which THE DEATH TAX RATE WOULD BE MADE PERMANENT AT A RATE OF 35 PERCENT.  They didn’t call for permanent repeal of the death tax. They want it REINSTATED! The only part of this bill that’s bi-partisan is that BOTH PARTIES WANT TO STEAL YOUR MONEY.

As usual, Congress is all in favor of implementing taxes and fees from which THEY ARE IMMUNE. If they’re going to exhume the death tax, CONGRESS MUST BE SUBJECT TO IT! NO EXCEPTIONS! But that will never happen because our lying, thieving, profiteering scum in Washington would never give up their free ride no matter which side of the aisle they’re pontificating from.  Remember that when you’re screaming about Republicans-this, or Democrats-that.

Ask your Congressman what they know about the effort in Washington going on right now to reinstate the Death Tax. The jumbled, stuttering non-answer and desperate attempt to change the subject should be a big clue to you as to what’s really going on.