The Top 10 Ways to Solve All of America’s Problems

Posted on September 29, 2010


  1. Strip Congress of *ALL* perks, programs & benefits that you and I don’t have, and force them to be subject to the same system we are, including retirement, medical insurance and personal expenses. Any politician who objects is immediately removed from office permanently.
  2. Shred the 2,800-page U.S. tax code and make all taxpayers pay 7.5% of whatever they make, however they make it. No exceptions, exclusions, extensions. deductions, write-offs, shelters or diversions.
  3. Cut *ALL* foreign spending, including military spending, to 20% of what is currently spent, and redirect the other 70% back into the U.S. domestic economy, infrastructure and general provision. Use the remaining 10% to immediately double the salaries of all police, firefighters and paramedics.
  4. Force any government official caught/convicted of a felony serve maximum prison time in all instances.  Instant permanent deterrent.
  5. Send all illegal aliens immediately back to their country of origin at THAT country’s expense, and make English the official language of the U.S.
  6. Make it a felony to purposefully broadcast/publish false information with the intent to mislead for partisan political purposes.
  7. Eliminate the Department of Education and immediately double teacher salaries using the surplus from the salaries of eliminated administrator positions.
  8. Any political candidate who is personally guilty of any issue upon which they base their campaign must automatically withdraw from contention in all political endeavors, including moral, ethical and financial issues.
  9. Exempt any person from the responsibility of paying for any government programs from which they themselves cannot receive benefits, such as school taxes.
  10. Establish a 100 percent merit-based system of salary determination, including professional athletes, entertainers, corporate executives and politicians. All bonuses, in any industry, must be based on demonstrated achievement, not potential.