My Solution to Social Security

Posted on September 16, 2010


Regarding Social Security: I have a better and totally fair idea.

Let’s dissolve and shut down Social Security immediately.

  1. Issue a federal check to every person who’s contributed to Social Security and give them back every dime they’ve ever paid into it. Likewise, strip the United States Congress of their personal, private, federally funded retirement plans and make them fend for themselves.
  2. Let everyone be 100% responsible for what they do with that money. No blaming anyone or anything else if you piss it away.
  3. If you never paid in, you get no check … including Congress.
  4. If you’ve already collected more than you ever paid in, you get no check … including Congress.
  5. If you’ve collected more than you paid in, you repay the difference back to the federal government … including Congress.
  6. Then, immediately implement a 12% flat tax throughout the entire United States and all U.S. taxpayers overseas and abroad. Eliminate the entire divisive concept of gross and net income.  Eliminate the distinction between “income,” “wages,” “salary,” “compensation” and any other word that can be used to alter the representative meaning of what you get paid for what you do. If you receive money for work, it’s taxed at 12 percent. Period.
  7. Make the United States Tax Code a one-page document that reads verbatim:
    “All taxpayers will pay 12% of their proceeds to the Internal Revenue Service annually, either by quarterly payments, payroll deduction or annual lump-sum payment.  Failure to remit payment will result in immediate imprisonment of one year.”
    Obviously, under this simplistic tax code, if you make nothing, you pay nothing. But you also receive nothing.
  8. Strip away all loopholes, deductions, deferments, credits, shelters and any other means by which anyone can avoid paying the full amount of 12% of their income, no exceptions … including Congress.

If you make $10,000 a year; you pay $1,200. If you make $10 Billion a year; you pay $1.2 Billion. Period. No excuses. Pay it.

I defy anyone to tell me how that is in ANY way unfair to anyone.