Welcome to AZ — nowhere to run to, ese!

Posted on May 21, 2010


Now, I don’t want to speculate, so I’ll just point out the facts.

A large van is driving for about a mile in the left-turning lane, passing several dozen cars waiting at a stop light. The van runs the light, crashes into another vehicle, rolls over and 28 people crawl out of the van and IMMEDIATELY RUN AWAY INTO THE DESERT.

Perhaps someone more enlightened than myself can explain how this isn’t a case of illegal aliens knowing and flagrantly violating Arizona and U.S. federal law.   Maybe they are just ordinary, law-abiding Americans who are late for a church rally?  They’re all running to get medical help for the person they smashed into?  They’re auditioning for a sketch on the Benny Hill Show?  Consider me stumped.

Or, for those of you in the “Yeah, but that’s just one incident” crowd, there’s this:

THIS is why AZ SB1070 is not only necessary, but just plain smart enforcement of EXISTING law.

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