McCain: Then and Now

Posted on May 11, 2010


THEN — We can’t secure our borders. It’s just not possible. We can never build an impenetrable wall to the north and south of us.” — John McCain, Fox’s Big Story, May 31, 2003

THEN — We’re not going to have a secure border as long as there’s this kind of attraction of jobs into the United States of America. Our border between Arizona and Mexico is long, it’s desolate and it cannot be fully protected 24 hours a day. The second issue is that, from a political reality, is there’s a growing influence of Hispanic voters and Hispanic representation in the United States of America at all levels. And I believe that in a very positive fashion that influence can be meaningfully felt here in the legislative process because of the deep concern over both the humanitarian aspects of it, as well as labor protections, as well as citizenship is concerned.” — John McCain,  July 25, 2003

THEN — I vote against Jeff Sessions’ amendment that would appropriate an additional $85,670,000 to enable the Secretary of Homeland Security to hire 800 additional full time active duty investigators to investigate immigration laws violations.” — John McCain, July 13, 2006

THEN — I vote against an amendment that would “appropriate an additional $1,829,400,000 to construct double-layered fencing and vehicle barriers along the southwest border and to offset such increase by reducing all other discretionary amounts on a prorata basis.” — John McCain, July 13, 2006

THEN — Placing National Guard troops at the Mexico border is nothing but fluffy PR.” — John McCain, August 1, 2006

THEN — This is good news for taxpayers. The plan for this fence was a mistake and I don’t support it.” — John McCain, on Janet Napolitano’s decision to halt funding for the border fence between Arizona and Mexico, Fox News, March 10, 2010

NOW —And complete the danged fence! It’s the only way we’ll secure our borders, and that’s always been my primary concern.” — John McCain, Campaign advertisement for, May 11, 2020[/QUOTE]

Half the fun of following McCain’s political career is the surprise of never knowing which face he’ll be talking out of.

Character matters … but shameless hypocrisy for nothing more than furthering your time in the Washington honey pot trumps it every time.