Waking the giant in mid-siesta

Posted on April 26, 2010


Take a look at what “peaceful, hard-working innocent Mexicans” do when a law passes that forces them to either be in America legally or get the hell out.


Opposition to this law is every bit as asinine as those fishing-for-causes at the ACLU who filed lawsuits against the Border Patrol and the INS because “there is an inordinately high number of people being stopped for identification at the Mexico/Arizona border who are of Latino descent.” That’s as absurd as saying that there’s an inordinately high number of people passing through the Brandenburg Gates who are of Germanic descent, or there are too many Jews at the Wailing Wall.

Arizona has the right to impose any law to promote for the general welfare of its citizens. The cost of illegal immigration has bankrupted California, and all other illegal alien sanctuary states. When the Federal Government cannot or is not willing and able to protect its citizens; then it is the right of the individual states to step up and protect its citizens. The idea of a federal government of more or less self-governing states, The Tenth Amendment (Amendment X) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, was ratified on December 15, 1791. The Tenth Amendment restates the Constitution’s principle of federalism by providing that powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution of the United States are reserved to the states and its people. State Sovereignty Resolutions and Nullification Acts, states that, any one of the 50 states has the right to enact their own laws and to nullify any laws by the federal government that impedes that states right to self-government.

In this case to right to protect its borders, from illegal immigration; we all know that the “immigration reform” being talked about in Washington is literally nothing more than a thinly veiled code phrase for amnesty.  McCain wrote an amnesty bill, but now says that “Democrats fighting for amnesty should be ashamed of themselves.” But, of course, McShameless is losing his fight for re-election, so he’s going to say whatever to whomever if it means another six years on the gravy train.

No federal agency keeps records of which undocumented immigrants are in the country. None.  And they’re going to crap in the Cheerios of one of the most illegal-infested states in the country for trying to actually STOP the infestation because “it’s unfair to brown people”? This is America, folks. This is the country that interred Americans in the 1940s just for having Japanese blood. This is the country that jailed Americans in the 1950s just for having Korean blood, or worse yet, just for being ACCUSED of being a Communist.  What progress we’ve made, huh?  We’ve gone from one asinine extreme of jailing innocents to the other asinine extreme of protecting criminals. This is one of those cases where the phrase “only in America” is 100 percent accurate.

The only real, immediate downside to this law will be all the restaurants and businesses in Arizona who are going to claim that they now have to raise their prices because their employees cost them so much more, many of them that weren’t employing illegals to begin with, but see an opportunity to make a buck.  It’s darkly ironic that THAT is exactly the reason illegals’ defenders say the illegals are here in the first place.

The only people who should be concerned with, or afraid of, this law are those who are breaking it. Everybody else is just whining about faux-racism and inconvenience, or to impress people with their “political savvy.”  Nobody who lives in a state as infested with illegals as Arizona – and ISN’T an illegal – is against this law. More than 70% of Arizonans STRONGLY support it; myself included, if you can’t tell.

Why wasn’t there this level of national outrage when Arizona passed an equally asinine law three weeks ago that allows anyone to carry a concealed gun without a permit, nearly anywhere in the state?

There’s some mighty selective self-righteous indignation going.

If we set every law, every condition and every requirement in this country based on the EXCEPTION instead of the norm, we would *BE* the Communist/Fascist/Socialist/Zionist nightmare that the Teabaggers keep screeching that we are now.

FACT: Arizona is infested with illegal aliens. FACT: This law goes to great lengths to take control of that infestation and reverse it through a logical means of progression. FACT: Every line of opposition against this law is using the race card as it’s base argument.

The cop must have reasonable suspicion and probable cause to act on the immigration issue. Not speaking English and having no license/insurance/registration is a fair indication to at least arouse that suspicion, if not establish guilt, and that doesn’t matter what color or nationality the person is.

But if you want exceptions, how about when a cop pulls over some random driver for running a left arrow and finds that they’re a Belgian in this country illegally. Should the cop do more or less about it than if the driver was Mexican?

So, to be completely fair, I’m going to write to the governors of New York, Wisconsin, Washington, Vermont and Maine and urge them to pass a law requiring all police officers to request proof of identity and citizenship from anyone who looks Canadian.

That should make everybody happy, si?