Hey Congress, there’s this new thing called “the Internet”

Posted on February 11, 2010


Can someone give me one reasonable explanation why the American political machine has to be completely shut down because of a snowstorm?

Traffic’s a mess.  I get it.  The storms over the past couple of days have been so bad that the entire Washington beltway is nearly impassable. I get it.   Our fatcat “celebrity” politicians look for any excuse possible to get out of having to do their friggin’ jobs.  I get it.

What I don’t get is … why?   Are we supposed to believe that the government-funded desktop computers and laptops our elected officials are given don’t have Internet access?  There’s no such thing as NetMeeting or MyPC in Washington, DC?   Encryption, data security and secured virtual private networks haven’t been invented yet in Northern Virginia?  Surely, when Al Gore “invented the Internet” (as his detractors love to misconstrue), he must have made it available to the nation’s capital.

These underworked and grossly overpaid robber barons pretty much phone-in their jobs every other day (unless there’s some grandstanding or a photo op to be had) … so why can’t they participate in their jobs by computer, like I (and everyone in the 38,000+ employee company I work for do one day every single week?

Yes, there’s a blizzard hitting Washington this week. But it’s nothing compared to the snowjob our politicians dump on us every single day.