A victory in Massachusetts; a failure of humanity

Posted on January 20, 2010


I’ve been watching a lot of the commentary, discussion threads, blogs and chat rooms tonight as the results from the Massachusetts special election unfold.

There has been the usual predictions of swamping by both the left and the right, and the usual childish nattering and insults that tend to accompany it.

But, then, just a few minutes ago, the early result was announced: Republican Scott Brown is being projected to win the Congressional seat held for nearly 50 years by Democrat Ted Kennedy.  With that win, Republicans regain the power filibuster and block virtually anything the Democrats propose.  Indeed, Brown’s selling point has been that – if elected – he will position himself as the stonewalling vote against the passage of any Democratic health care bill.

Personally, I think the current manifestation of shameless corporate pandering and lobbyist appeasal needs to be blocked. But it should be blocked in favor of a better idea. Instead, it will be blocked for no other reason than pure, unadulterated partisan politics. As bad as the Democrats’ health care “overhaul” is, the Republicans haven’t produced anything better. Somewhere along the line, the far right has convinced itself that when it comes to the growth and prosperity of America, doing nothing is better than allowing Democrats to do anything.

In the 20 minutes since the declaration of Brown’s victory, I’ve seen a display of disgusting, cold-blooded, petulant, childish, intentionally hurtful and profoundly INSANE reactionary statements, the likes of which I can only assume occurs in the most violent of mental wards.

Here is just a sampling of posts by Republican supporters regarding the results of tonight’s Massachusetts special election:

Brown 53 … shriveled slut 47!!!!  nah nah nah … nah nah nah nah … hey! hey! Hey! Kenyan gooodbye …

You have no idea how much i Hate liberals … all of you should be hanged. As far as I’m concerned, you’re zombies … just walking dead.

See I want the GOP to be the party of NO: No taxpayer paid healthcare. Period. I am tired of Lazy ass welfare cases. My tax dollars should only be spent on Homeland Security, NOT Socializing of America. YOU piece-of-shit Libtards always want fucking handouts and I am sick and tired of it. You drive Nissans and Kia’s with flags on and Brag about how patriotic you are …YEA SURE!  Now you can see that it’s us Republicans who are the patriots, not you fucking faggots. I will NEVER VOTE for a Bleeding heart Liberal!!!!

The Kenyan is experiencing an epic failure. America hates him. I hate him. Sucks to be that nigger!  Sarah Palin is going to kick his balls through the roof of his mouth in 2012!

Scott Brown’s win proves that America has had enough with the immoral, hate-mongering, homosexual, America-hating, Commie Socialist fags and perverts of the Democratic Party. This is a sign from God that America is supposed to be Republican.

Wake up Democrats! Your breakfast is served … cold and I hope you choke to death on it.

blah blah blah … We right-wingers are going to hunt Democrats down and burn you like rats. You have earned merciless death. I suggest you emigrate to Haiti and start sucking off a politician down there … you’ll have a better chance of getting a welfare check there.

What the hell has happened to my country?  What the hell has happened to my countrymen?

Have so many become so bitter, and angry, and afraid, and bigoted and hateful that *THIS* is what passes for a celebration of the country’s “best and brightest”?

I’ve made no bones about the fact that I love my country, but I loathe my government. Now, it seems, I’m going to have add a significant – albeit minority – chunk of America’s population to that list of things I loathe. I feel sorry for these people.  They’re so petty, and small, and naive, and ignorant, and malicious, and spiteful, and self-aggrandizing – as though there’s some personal honor and glory to be had from epitomizing the absolute worst behavior it’s possible to display.

The Republican party scored a minor victory tonight.  But rather than capitalize upon it and use it for the betterment of America – which is what Congress is supposed to do – it’s going to be used as nothing more than a tool of obstruction; a wrench in the machine; a pathetic siren song for knuckle-dragging, loud-mouthed lemmings who will do and say whatever the radio tells them to do and say.

I’m not naive. And I’m not ignorant. And I know how politics – or what passes for politics today – works.  Republicans will use this leverage not to improve anything, not to solve anything; and not to help anyone – other than their corporate sponsors and lobbyist puppetmasters … exactly like the Democrats have done for the past year.  So much could have been accomplished in 2009.  So much good could have been done, and so much bad, undone. But the Democrats chose to piss it away, pandering to the corporate and Wall Street elite instead of doing what the majority of Americans so vocally said they wanted done.  But the Democrats did what they always do; blew their chance because they only saw the short term gain.

And that’s exactly what the Republicans now have their collective eye on; blocking any and all progress for the next 19 months, obstructing and filibustering, and partisan-voting down everything they can – all so they can smirk and point fingers and say, “See America!  They didn’t get anything done! You need US back!”

And then the pile of shit will collect on the right, instead of on the left.

And here we are … stuck dead in the middle of two enormous mountains of shit!