It’s torch & pitchfork time, America

Posted on December 21, 2009


I have come to the discomforting realization that there will never again be anyone possessing any honor or integrity in the Senate, House of Representatives or White House — regardless of political party; regardless of campaign platforms and promises; and regardless of local, state or national circumstance. Nobody will ever again be elected to federal office who gives one single damn about the American people … unless those people happen to be lobbyists.

It is disheartening, actually, because no matter what they might say about my political leanings – those who know me will never deny that I am a patriot.  I love America.  I served 9 years in the Army in her defense.  I have bled for my country, and I have buried several friends who bled more than I in America’s service.

I love my country, but I abjectly loathe my government.

All these puppet politicians care about is their wallets and their images and their ability to service the corporate whore-masters who own them and pull their strings.  Some don’t even care about that anymore. There are those who only serve for no other reason than to further a religious agenda.

We have given up liberties and rights in lieu of a gossamer veneer of security by way of the Patriot act.  Illegal aliens continue to flow freely into our country by thousands per month while multi-billion-dollar “fences” still haven’t been built four years after they were funded.  What’s being labeled as “health care reform” is LITERALLY nothing more than a political blowjob for the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.  Contract fraud and embezzlement continues unabated and unchecked, and now, we not only don’t pursue an end to the crimes, but we ENCOURAGE it by wrapping it in a flag and calling it “Operation Iraqi Freedom” or some other ludicrous reverse-meaning bloviation.

Barack Obama essentially ran on the platform that he was “not George W. Bush”, but yet he is following and has extended many of the exact same disastrous, ill-conceived, fraud-laden policies that were concocted by Bush’s puppeteers. Are you better off now than you were four years ago, or six, or eight?  Is America?  Not by a long shot — not financially, and certainly not in terms of physical security or our reputation on the international landscape.

We have bailed out Wall Street … three times.  We have enacted “tough salary caps” on the mid-level executives of the companies we gave hundreds of billions of tax dollars to – and then EXEMPTED the top 25 executive spots who most egregiously and shamelessly stole our money. We crafted “stringent new banking and investment regulations,” and then grandfathered the most virulent and gluttonous banks and investment firms as long as they repaid SOME of the tax money they received before the new regulatory laws go into effect.

We have surrendered the money and liberties of the next several generations to these criminals. We have let the government “of the people” become a government “of CERTAIN people” and we’re too busy pissing and babbling about whether the “libs” or the “cons” are at fault to bother turning off the mp3 player or pulling out of the drive-thru to do anything about it.

Newsflash, people:  They’re not at fault, WE ARE for letting them get away with it!

I don’t get it?  Where is the rage?  Where is the will to stand up and fight back, and take a Peter Finch-like stand against the lies and thievery and scream, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!!”

These self-serving, intentionally counter-productive cogs in the graft machine have done nothing but take  and then rewarded themselves for their ingenuity in inventing new ways to steal.  Where is the outrage?

I am fed up with watching the country I love get sodomized by fiscal rapists who adorn themselves with flag pins and label anyone who dares challenge their deeds as “whack jobs” and “disgruntled extremists.”

I am tired of it, and I contend that there is nothing wrong with the United States of America that a good, old-fashioned nationwide torches-and-pitchforks rebellion won’t cure.