Sarah Palin quits book tour 9 days early

Posted on December 14, 2009


Dec 13 2009 — The Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Sarah Palin has returned to Alaska to end her national “Going Rogue” book tour in her home state, cutting short a planned Harper Collins book-signing tour that was scheduled to continue for another nine days.

The former Alaska governor, who gained instant fame with her run last year as the Republican vice presidential candidate, held the final book signings at two Air Force bases on Sunday. The events are closed to the public.

“The book isn’t moving quite as aggressively as we’d hoped,” said Harper Collins spokeswoman Nancy Bathgate. “The initial numbers were encouraging because of large bulk purchases by retail outlets. But as the tour has progressed, we’ve found that inidividual sales are considerably lower than expected.”
Bathgate also said that the premature discount pricing of the book caused considerable shortages in expected revenues from the book sales.

Palin was to sign copies of her best-selling memoir at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, then at Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks. The events are the first book signings in Alaska for Palin, who resigned as governor in July, about 17 months before the end of her first term.

Palin’s press manager declined to comment on why Palin’s highly publicized tour was being ended early.

“Going Rogue,” released two weeks ago on November 25th, has reported gross sales of more than one million copies. notes that they purchased 100,000 copies prior to the book’s release, and reports that Borders, Inc., parent company of Borders Bookstores, Waldenbooks, Borders Express, Borders airport stores, and Borders Outlet stores, bought 560,000 copies prior to the book’s release. Wal-Mart also bought 250,000 copies.

Those bulk purchases mean that “Going Rogue” sold less than 200,000 copies to individuals, assuming no other corporations or organizations bought large-quantity bulk orders of the book.

Calls to Harper Collins for additional information were not returned.