Moral Superiority: The Easy Way (i.e., be a hypocrite)

Posted on November 13, 2009


So here are the three items from the Republican Moral Superiority Checklist for Nov. 12, 2009:

1. Disgraced beauty queen Carrie Prejean claims that being publicized for lying about everything from her fake breast implants to her masturbation video claims that she’s a victim of the media … while she eagerly appears on every national TV and radio program that will pay her so she can pimp a book that somebody else ghost-wrote for her.

2. Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer – who used state tax dollars to pay for his weekend affair trysts with his mistress and then orchestrated a multi-level cover-up to hide the funding from the state accounting ledgers –  addressed the Harvard University Center for Ethics today about the virtues of personal and professional ethics and his “personal commitment to upward morality.”

3. Republican Congressman Tom Coburn addressed an Oklahoma caucus on Tuesday to espouse his self-described “no-nonsense views on veterans’ health care” and his “disgust” at how political some of his colleagues have made the issue. Then, on Wednesday, Coburn voted against a bill to provide funding, support and health care coverage to those who provide care for wounded veterans of the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then, today, he voted “yes” to authorize spending $94 Billion to cover “past-due” Iraq/Afghanistan contractor payments from 2005 and 2006.

Those are the facts.  Judge for yourselves.

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