Darwin Smythe: Philosophical Assassin

Posted on November 13, 2009


You just never know when or where an inspiration or memory flash will come from.

I was watching this week’s episode of “Two and a Half Men” when I suddenly started thinking about the third person I ever killed.

He wasn’t rich.  He wasn’t evil.  He wasn’t anyone special … just a guy who someone wanted dead and was willing to pay to make it happen.

Imagine my surprise when I found out weeks later that he wasn’t even the guy I was supposed to kill!  Turns out he was just some guy who happened to be wearing the same color shirt my client said the target would be wearing.  I mean … come on … what are the odds that TWO guys would be wearing gold and maroon at the ASU stadium that Saturday?

At least he didn’t cry when I dumped him down that mine shaft in Goodyear.  I respect someone who can accept the cards life deals him like that and not make some big, overly dramatic production out of it.

Hell, under other circumstances … you know, if I hadn’t killed him … we probably would have become really good friends.

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