7 CIA directors; 1 big cover-up

Posted on September 18, 2009


Seven former CIA directors are asking President Barack Obama to immediately shut down Attorney General Eric Holder’s investigation into harsh CIA interrogations of terror suspects during the Bush administration. The request came in a letter Friday authored jointly by all three of the CIA directors who served under George W. Bush, and signed by four of their predecessors.

What’s ironic is that former Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, a man accused of politicizing the Justice Department and authorizing interrogation tactics that some say led to detainee abuses, praised and supports Holder’s investigation of the CIA.  Now, Gonzales wouldn’t be looking at this as a way to take some of the spotlight off the investigations in HIS alleged wrong-doings, would he?

Richard Goldstone, a former UN war crimes prosecutor leading the international inquiry, is to issue the report ahead of the Council’s debate set for Sept. 29.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, on the Sunday morning talk show circuit, called Holder’s investigation, a “gross waste of time” and “nothing more than ghost-chasing and puppet theater.” In an impromptu statement off camera outside the ABC studios Sunday morning, Cheney said Holder “isn’t smart enough to investigate a set of lost car keys.”

So … all the men chiefly responsible for misbehavior, civil and constitutional rights violations, human rights violations, and a massive conspiracy to cover their involvement are all claiming this investigation is “hogwash” and are trying to get it stopped.

Now why do you suppose that might be …?