USA: We’s the edjamacated folks

Posted on September 7, 2009


I cannot fathom how some people’s brains work.

People are lambasting President Obama for his speech to a group of school children in which the entire premise and content of his speech was “Stay in school, study hard, and these are some of the fields that will be looking for bright new minds by the time you graduate.”

But, in typical whack-the-beehive mentality, that speech has been “interpreted” as “he’s forcing his Socialist agenda on kids!”

What kind of a MORON would argue against the President of the United States telling school children that they should STAY IN SCHOOL AND WORK HARD?

Now, I’ll grant you, Obama is not living up to some of the campaign promises he made – but then again, what politician EVER does?  And frankly, I’m not satisfied or happy with a couple of his proposals – this farce of a health care bill being chief among them.  If you’re going to reform and improve health care in America, you’re not going to changing ANYTHING unless you reverse HMOA1973 – the law Richard Nixon signed as a favor to his friend and financier Edgar Kaiser (of Kaiser Permanente) that gave the entire medical and pharmaceutical industries permission to operate as for-profit companies instead of the SERVICE industries they were supposed to be.  See for yourself how HMO Act of 1973 was literally designed on the premise of “the less care we give patients, the more profit we make,”  —>

But that’s for another rant.

This rant is about the idiots who – as part of the ongoing desperate bid to accomplish nothing more than tearing Barack Obama down, regardless of factual foundation or merit – are claiming that telling kids to stay in school is A) Socialist,   B) politically motivated in purely the Democrats’ favor, and C) not the right or responsiblity of the President (i.e., how *DARE* he tell my kids what to do).

I guess these people figured that being ignorant works for them, so it oughtta work for their kids.

And that is why I say, “American ignorance:  Accelerating at a stagnating pace.”